Elements Play Updates Issues... Needs Your help


Hello To All WD Users:

I need your openions or sugestions. I bought WD elements play 2years ago. P/N WDBACC0020HBK-00, Firmware Version: 1.01.12.


  1. Cannot Play MKV with AC3 Audio

  2. No Sounds to any movies having DTS 5.1 audio.

I visited the WD site there are WDBMCExxxxHBK series with ElementsPlayGen2.v1.01.02 Firmwares.


  1. Is my above-mention WD Elem. Play can be updated to ElementsPlayGen2.v1.01.02?

  2. If possible, which one you suggest NTSC or PAL.

Thank you for sharing your best idea.


No.  The firmware is NOT interchangable between models.  The two models are different hardware platforms.

The WD Elements Play “Gen 1” does not support DTS.   AFAIK, it will only do DTS via HDMI passthrough.   But AC3 audio in MKV should work fine.