WD Elements Play - not playing sound for x264 mkv files?

i have a WD Elements Play 2TB Media player.  I am having issues with x264 mkv files not playing any sound.  Does anyone know if this is a common issue?  Or is itsomething unique to my player?

Will a firmware update correct this problem?  I have tried following the instructions to update the firmware, however it doesn’t seem to recognize the firmware update file.  Any help would be appreciated.

What’s the format of the audio track?  DTS / AC3 / etc.?

I have the same problem as UrbanWorld. All of my mkv files doesn’t play any sound. For mp4 or mt2s seems to be fine.

Appreciate if someone can help us on this.

WD Elements Play 2TB

Version: 1.01.12

Maybe it would help if you answer the same questions?

All of my mkv files won’t play. They are in DTS or AC3

Well, the EP doesn’t support DTS, so that answers those.

The MKVs with AC3 probably have MKV header compression, which the EP doesn’t support AFAIK.