Elements Drive no longer recognized under Win 10

Was recognized until 7 hours ago. Is not recognized under any of three pcs running win 10.
Does not appear, either, under disk management. A WD passport drive is recognized, however. I also tried swapping the Elements cable with the cable from the Passport drive and it is still not recognized.

Drive’s LED light works and, presumably, it spins since it vibrates when plugged into a usb port.

Is there anything I can do to recover the drive or should I assume it’s reached end-of-life?


By “recover the drive” you mean extract the data? Or do you mean making it functional again for further use?

If your hard drive is not detected within Disk Management in different computers after trying different cables then unfortunately it may have failed. If the unit is still within its warranty period you can request a free replacement on WD’s site:

On the other hand, if data recovery is a concern then it would be best to contact a professional data recovery service company.