Easystore 4TB wont Backup

Had WD Easystore 4TB installed on Windows Server 2013 in March 2018, and backing up daily OK until 7/10/2018, when it quit backing up. Aattempts to “Backup Now” would do nothing. Bought brand new 4TB Easystore today have same issue and am not able to initiate backup. I have uninstalled WD Backup and reinstalled without any improvement. I don’t understand why it would suddenly stop working once it was up and running okay. Very frustrating!

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Here is one thing you can try.

Go to Computer Management and open Services. Scroll down until you find WD xx services listed. Make sure is service is running and set for automatic start.

I can’t guarantee this will work.


Thanks, it seems to be working now.

Did NOT work for me…what is going on with this thing?