Each time a restart my computer, a WD Discovery attached MyCloud via a new Network Drive letter?


I have the WD Discovery software on my Windows 11 computer, so that I can access the files. Each time I reboot my computer, the software attaches MyCloud via a new network drive (see: screenshot below)

This is a problem because I have software on my laptop that I need to point to MyCloud, and, this link then becomes broken after restart. Any ideas?

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Checkout the below thread, it sounds like they had a similar if not same issue and @Tech_Wanderer had posted a solution. Hopefully this helps you.


Have you already updated WD Discovery?
NEW Release (9/13/2022) - WD Discovery 4.4.396 Available - Announcements & Discussions / News & Announcements - WD Community

Yep, to no avail :slightly_frowning_face: