Win 10 / WD Discovery drive letter changing at each reboot


Each time I restart my computer the My Cloud Home drive letter changes, so far it has gone through each letter of the alphabet from Z to R. Does anyone have an idea of how to make the system, whether it be win 10 or WD discovery, assign the same drive letter to My Cloud Home at each restart?

Thanks in advance.


Hello John9447,

You can try mapping the My Cloud Home User Space by following the steps given below.

1.) Open Run.
2.) type \MYCLOUD-XXXXXX (Replace X with the last 6 characters with the My Cloud Home serial number).
3.) Click OK.
4.) Click Finish.

If it won’t resolve the issue. It is recommended to try installing the WD Discovery on different computer and login to check if it replaces the drive letter everytime after each restart of the computer.

Hi Tech_Wanderer

Thank you for the information, appreciated.

I can see the user space, that has always worked, just cannot see the mapped drive space in Win Explorer but can see it in web browser.

I have tested WD Discovery on another computer and it appears to work fine so I can only assume there is an issue with Win 10 on my main computer.