DX4000 sentinel essentiel 2008 r2 backup issue

Good day,

Since I change with computer from windows 7 to 8.1 I am not able to back up my dx4000.  It is block at 1%.

I have resad most of your posts and this is what I tried.

1- Verify the date on computer and server: done

2- Made sure both system were updated: done

I also got the hot fix for the EFI partition no kb2781274 but the funny part is that I am not able or missing the know how to install the hotfix on the server…

I tried to copy the hot fix on a usb stick and copy it to the server by using the file update in the monitor section of the server but was unable to get it install.

Can someone help me,



Just remote to the server and run the file from there

from the client, start >mstsc>enter

user administrator

pass whatever it is

Then you can run it from windows explorer from your thumb drive.  The clients should update themselves and require a couple of reboots

I confirm that after having downloaded and installed (through the undocumented remote connection feature) the hotfix needed to support GPT disks:


you will manage to successfully backup W8 PC.

The filename is 459526_intl_x64_zip and it is roughly 170 Mb.



remote desktop is sorta kinda documented here


Gramps and DTMtech,

Thank you for your help. The hot fix installation was successful.