Windows 8 backup problem

i always get this warning “Client backup failed” im using windows 8. also in backup details status is Unsuccessful

An error prevented backup from running

An error prevented backup form creating a snapshot of the volumes on this computer.

for more information about this issue, see the event logs on the computer that you are backing up.


my dx4000 is uptodate even my windows 8. 

pls help

Does this help

thanks for replay but how do i install the hotfix? there is no instruction on how to do it.

aquire the hotfix and save it to the server.  Then Remote to the server desktop and dbl click the file

Using WD Senitnel DX4000 Dashboard, go to Server Settings --> General --> Windows Update.

Make sure all the latest updates are applied. 

Alternatively, you can download the Hotfix and save it to one of the Shares on WD Senitnel DX4000.

Using remote desktop client application on a workstation, login to your WD Sentinel’s remote desktop console, (user name: Administrator; password: )

Access the shared folder --> D:\ServerFolders<your share name>

You’ll have access to the MSI/executable and install as you would any other application on Windows :slight_smile: