DX4000 network problem

For reasons not quite sure of, DX 4000 works fine on local area network but will not go to internet or allow in from internet (such as Remote Desktop).

 I notice the following which I think are connected to the problem, but do not know how to resolve.

1.  When I do an ipconfig /all, the results show a blank line under the gateway line & then a line with the correct gateway address.

2.  “Local Area Connection” shows enabled and under properties, only Intel advanced network services protocal’ is checked.  Also “TEAM: WDTeam…”

3.  “Local Area Connection 2” shows cable unplugged.  This is correct.

  1. “Local Area Connection 3” shows “Unidentified network, Network 4, Team: WDTeam”


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps


So you can rdp to the box inside the lan?

I suppose the first thing to do is make sure you have a backup of your stuff.  If you mess around and lose your nics, no way to get to it :frowning:

But I would go into netwrok properties adapters and look at the propertied for the wd team nic ipv4 and make sure it has a gateway set.

Then perhaps set then restart the network location awareness servcie.  If this changes unknow to private set it to delayed startup