DX4000 Factory Reset: Error 0xD9

I recently got a DX4000 for free from a friend under the claim that it was broken. The error code was 0xD9. I figured that I could just factory it/replace broken drives and I would be fine. I downloaded the PANAM iso, flashed using win32diskimager, and followed the manual but to no avail. I couldn’t get it to recovery mode. I’ve never used the DX4000 before and would just like a simple NAS.

You do not flash the iso you mount it as a dvd and run setup.exe

Thanks for that. I tried that, but got the BAD STORAGE error. I then rebuilt the storage, then tried the recovery again and got to the RECOVER STARTED status. However, the recovery tool cannot find the server. The sentinel is hooked up directly to the router and so is my computer (ethernet). Any thoughts?

EDIT: Also tried disabling AV and firewall. No luck

there is a dhcp server somewhere as in the wd gets an ip?
if the worker pc is win10 try enabling smbv1 and see if it makes a difference

Yes there is a DHCP server in my router. It’s a cradlepoint MBR1400v2. I went ahead and created a DCHP reservation under the primary MAC address and I can see it in the client list, as well as detect it using Fing (iOS app). I also enabled smbv1 (client and server) and still no luck.

Have any other worker PC’s? Something without 3rd party AV or maybe a win 7 box?

All my PC’s are win 10, but I could install win 7 on my desktop WS and try that. Lemme get back to you

Hey, I tried on another Win 10 machine, and I got through all the recovery steps. But, at the end of the recovery, I get Your server was not reset to the factory default settings. Resolve the issue and restart the server recovery process. Error Code: 0x8007050. Any thoughts?

A lot of times it is simply a bad download of the iso file. you need to verify it is good with a md5 hash

Do you happen to have a good link and the md5?

-Holden Clarke

C:\Users\Budro\Downloads\PANAM_SvrRecovery_1_7_6_21_.iso: Verified: Unsigned File date: 1:53 AM 1/14/2017 MD5: 32031F2454D3510D7CE2BF5891F7D25D SHA1: EF0E132813182B2202A5FF54180C840BEE44F59E SHA256: 6D511FC43FEFBC088E6A069397539B575AA6E81067D0A5BC81E1FEF12CDCD1B1 https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897441.aspx


Ok good, got through all of the steps, and was able to reset. However, upon configuring via http://ipaddr the configuration now hangs at 0%. I tried on my main machine, and then my 2 other machines (both win10). No error codes are given. Any thoughts or is this sentinel toast?

Upon further analysis, disk 2 has failed SMART. I’ve decided to bench the project for now until I get new drives. Thanks for your help

You are welcome
New Drives adds another layer of complexity
How many “good” drives do you have?

Just one, I’m going to put them in my QNAP that I already have. I only favored the sentinel because it has 4 bays over the 2 of my QNAP, but easier is better I suppose. I have 1 drive good drive.

If you just have one good drive it will be difficult to restore the wd box. It is very old anyway I would just say thanks for the memories and let it go