DX4000 Backup Issue

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a DX4000 and I’m having a issue when the server tired to backup itself. Backing up other computer has no issue. Is it because its not made to backup itself? I’m new at this so i’m not sure.

See image below for detail regarding the issue:

Need your advice.

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The DX4000 backup is used to backup up to 25 computers to the DX4000. If you want to backup the DX4000 to another location, go into the server roles and use the Microsoft backup. Remember, this unit is running a Microsoft Operating System, Storage Server 2008r2. You would run a backup job just like on any other Microsoft server. If you don’t know how to setup a Server backup through the server roles, you can Google it and find the instructions.

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The alert is for an error with Windows update. If your DX is over 2tb useable, Windows Backup will not do a full backup due to limitations in the Microsoft software.

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I got the server new with pre-installed 2008 r2 E. all i did was login and set the unit up for the first time and click okay for the unit to get updates and installed. I added two computer for backup and was successful backed up. Since i didn’t do any other configuration… i think the system already have it pre -configured for the server to backup itself. So when the process for the server to backup itself or the first time. It gets that error, and said it will back up again at another time. and each time, it gets the same error.

But why would WD configured the server backup itself on the preset if this would be an issue?

Anyone who have this issue before with DX4000 6TB(2x3TB) please advise.


The server is not preconfigured to back itself up. WD actually removes backup from the dashboard as you can see from a screen shot of a non WD install of Storage Server Essentials 2008R2

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Your alert is for health/windows updates. Says nothing about backups

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Hi Gramps,

Oh i see, so the error due with updates. I got confused because i got an error notification last time and it said server can not be backed up at this time and will retry on the next auto backup schedule. So yeah.

Your right! They removed that tab for me to backup. Umm… now i need to find a way to back up the server. Is it pointless to back up the server on local dive? or should i plug in a usb and back it up on another drive? Whats your best recommendation?

With much application, thank you!

You cant backup the entire server but you can backup some files and folders to an external usb drive
click start and type backup. Click windows backup and do backup once on the right and follow the wizard

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This alert is quite “standard” on this unit even if the Windows update service is active and working nominally. You just have to live with it, you can remove the alert and most likely for a few days it will not pop-up again. There is also another alert which pops-up frequently which is related to some consistency checks, also this one can be simply disregarded (at least this is my experience).



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