Can't find Server Backup option in the Dashboard (DX4000)

I’m currently familiarising myself with the DX4000 and was trying to determine the best way to back-up the actual “server”. The downloadable manual only really covers the “client” backups.

From an informational alert raised when I plugged an external USB HD, and from the Microsoft website, I should have the option(s) to manage the Server backup from the Dashboard. When I go to “Computers and Backup” on the Dashboard, the only options I have against the Server are:


View the server properties

View alerts for the server

Additional client computer backup tasks

Change the server password

How do I connect computers to the server?


Any idea on how to get the missing options?


I’ve setup a scheduled backup using the standard Windows Server Backup wizard to a dedicated USB HD, but the Backup Status on the Dashboard still shows as “Unknown”.


I’m running the 16Tb version and the OS is loaded from the “Recovery ISO” and full patched.


Any thought and ideas welcome.

Windows Server Backup (Part of the Windows Server 2008R2 OS) can not backup discs larger than 2tb, so WD removed the backup option from the dashboard.

3rd party products like Shadow Protect from StorageCraft can do reliable backups for larger volumes.