Backing up 12TB DX4000

We have a 12 TB DX4000 running Windows Storage Server 2008 andI just read a post that Windows server backup will only back up 2 TB of data - is that true?  Does WD have any backup software that will back up more data - we could have a total of close to 9 TB eventually . . .  Does anyone have software that they recommend for the DX4000?



Well Windows backup will not even backup 2tb on a 9tb box.  It will give an error too big.

Obviously there are no 9tb drives to backup to anyway.

So you need another WD box and the cloudberrylabs add-in to “sync” the 2 boxes.

Or just get several external drives and make a copy of the data that does not change, then setup cloudberry to watch/sync to another drive the “new” data