Windows Storage Server Backup

Help, I want to backup my DX4000 WSS to another drive / computer using Windows Server Backup.  Microsoft’s WSS Documentation says this is supported in WSS.  When I connected a USB drive to my DX4000, I received an alert saying:

“One or more external hard drives are connected to the server”…

"You can use the new hard drive to store sever backups.

To add a new hard drive to Server Backup

  1. Open the Dashboard.

  2. Click Computers and Backup.

  3. Select the server, and then click Set up Server Backup or Customize Backup for the server.

  4. In Select a backup destination, select the new hard drive as the backup destination.

  5. Follow the instructions to finish the wizard."…

I can get to the first part of step 3, but there is no task listed to “Set up the Server Backup…”

Am I missing something or is this not implemented / turned on or supported on the DX4000?  Or do I just have to use mstsc and access Server Backup from there?



I was not able to get this to work through the Dashboard . Only through a remote desktop connection and using the option to backup through the Sart Menu.

It’s all well and good to be able to back it up.    But how do you restore it?   Not individual files, that’s easy.   But in the case of a non-booting C: there doesn’t appear to be any way to restore your entire backup.   You obviously can’t boot a CD or from USB when you don’t have monitor, keyboard and mouse etc.  

I’ve gone to a LOT of effort to create accounts, setup shares, install other services, install SSL cert and other general configuration tasks.   I certainly do not want to have to go through all of that again!    Ideally I would like to use a product like Shadow Protect which is what I use on all of my other systems.

First, Windows Server Backup will only backup the 4/2tb version.  If you have the 8/6tb version you are out of luck.

I have not tested it yet, but the recovery process (Hold button and boot from thumb drive) does offer the option to restore from a backup

I can try to test it next week perhaps

If you boot from a thunb drive how do you interact with the server?

I’ve got the 12TB version.   I’m mainly concerned with backing up the C: partitiion so I don’t have to set it all up again in case of a disaster.   If I can boot Shadow Protect from a thumb drive and somehow interact with it so I can do a restore then all will be good.

Server backup is limited to a 2tb partition.  So I am thinking you should be able to backup the hidden and C:.  Easy enough to try.  Just plug in a usb disc and start Windows server backup.  Then download the recovery software from WD and make a boot drive.  See if it sees your backup. Then exit :)  Don’t do the restore unless you jsut want to know if it works now.

You run the WD recovery software on a PC.  It “talks” to the WD box that was booted with the special thumb drive.

I have no clue how you can use SP on a headless box.

I’m only looking to backup my DX4000 WSS data to a USB drive or other drive, not do a full restore on the DX4000.  Will Windows Server 2008 Backup allow me to do that?  If so, how do I recover that data if the DX4000 crashes and I don’t have another Windows Server 2008 lying around.

Or should I just do a “Connect” backup of the Windows Sever Data to the USB drive from my client?

Just trying to figure out how to backup my WSS monthly to another device that I can put offsite.



You would need something running WSB to open a WS Backup

If it is just monthly you could simply do a drag and drop of the folders and or google robocopy to your usb drive

Then you can read the usb drive from any computer