WD DX4000 adding Server 2008 r2

Guy’s need some help. I have two DX4000 Sentinels. in two different locations.
1st one I was able to add my Server 2008 R2’s to the backup rotation they are VM’s. My second location have server 2008 r2s but they are physical servers and cannot add them. Can some one tell me why this is happening? Both sentinels are all up to date with updates etc. Location one is 12tb unit, but the 2nd location is only 2TB unit. could this be the reason? thanks

You mean from your 2008R2 servers you are trying to run the connector install so the server will be backed up just like desktops? The DX4000 does not support server backups.

That said look on the boxes for a file named something like supportedos.xml
C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\WebApp\ClientDeployment\packageFiles\supportedOS.xml

Compare the 2. Someone may have edited the working box to add the server OS

Hey Gramps,
Thank you for getting back to me on this. It has been very crazy busy
Here is the that file. I can tell you i am the only one that admins this box and never knew of this file let alone edit it.
The difference in the 2 sentinels is one is the 12TB version and the other is a 2tb version. Not sure if that has anything to do with it
Thanks Gramps

"<?xml version="1.0"?>






So are you trying to run the connector from the DX to backup the server(s)?

It is running and working prefect on the 12tb, unit the 2 tb unit i was going to use to backup a different server and that did not work and was wondering the difference between the 2 dx units were and since the xml file could be the difference i will see.

what exactly is running perfect

Running perfect ---->backs up the server 100% with out errors, would you not consider that to be running perfectly

does that mean you ran the connector from the server and it shows under computers in the dashboard? If so what OS does it say the system has?

Gramps do you not believe me or are you having a bad day? see the attached.

I am just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. Since it is not supported and does not work that way out of the box, the supported oses file must have been tweeked.

That said, this is the Virtual Server? If so somehow that might get past it? I will see if I can test that

Gramps no problem. Yes it is a virtual server that is being backed up.