Dumb Twonky Server - allows streaming to unknown devices

Hi all  early adopters - owners of WdMyCloud.


I’ve computer network shared with my neighbors.  I wanted to have media sharing server available only for my devices. I configured Twonky Server to allow media streaming only for my home computers and TVs. To be able to do it I had to set my home computers to static IP addresses and also reserve these IP addresses on router settings (in DHCP list) and also set it in Twonky server configuration (check only my devices in list).

There is also option to Automatically add new IP addresses - new devices and allow share. I ALWAYS DISABLED THIS OPTION. But Twonky Server with its its own nondeterministic behavior sometimes  ENALBED this setting.  This lead to that my personal photos etc. could stream my neigbors.


I found out this configuration was changed after every update of WdMyCloud… therefore I disabled auto update on WdMyCloud and update manualy. Currently I have up-to-date firmware but problem remains. So auto update wasn’t real cause. Nobody could change the setting because Twonky Server configuration is protected by password.


Does anybody know how to set up Twonky Server and lock configuration file or something?

Thank you.

I ran out of patience. Because WdMyCloud should still be considered as BETA product! I disabled Twonky Server and

I’m really thinking about to throw WdMyCloud to trash. 


Twonky settings get damaged by the MyCloud dashboard; even WD tell you to use the Twonky UI for reference only, not to make control changes.

The problem with your changing settings is likely to be due to mycloud reboots or firmware upgrades.

Or maybe your neighbours are simply accessing the Twonky UI and making the change (an, you say you have the ui password protected)… Personally, I’d stop sharing internet access if I didn’t want my neighbours to access my files…

I don’t use MyCloud dashboard to edit settings. I only used Twonky UI on port 9000, which is protected by password.

I want to have persistent configuration for Twonky server and like you said: it’s overwritten by cloud reboots or firmware upgrades.

But actually I don’t reboot cloud for let’s say 2 months and had disabled auto update. It maybe change when internet link was down. Like I said it behave nondeterministically.

So there isn’t known solution for it…

I will have to report it to support.

There is a known solution to the problem of MyCloud overriding Twonky settings. Read the FAQ. Q. How do I stop MyCloud breaking the Twonky Server?

Router restarts will cause a MyCloud reboot. My router reboots spontaneously, when it decides it has got confused…

Stopping the media server from the dashboard and restarting it also overwrites the twonky settings.

You can try asking Support, but I doubt you’ll get much useful help on Twonky issues; that’s why I wrote the FAQ…

ps. You’re welcome…