DTS Pass Through does not work or I totally misunderstood the concept. Help

Just got the WD TV Play knowing that even though it does not support DTS, it can do pass through.

I looked in the settings and set the audio to pass through via HDMI.

Now am I stupid for expecting audio to be decoded on the TV (the tv supports DTS) by just having the HDMI connected from WDTV > TV.


If the TV does support DTS, then that should be all that’s needed.

I am quite confused. I got the DTS logo on the TV, but it doesn’t get the sound and I get the popup on the WDTV Play for notifying me that there will be no sound.

If I got the DTS logo, what the **bleep** is it referring to if it’s not decoding the audio from the HDMI input?

I was trying it on this TV: Samsung B2430HD.

Out of curiosity, will this work on Samsung UE46F5000? Or is it the same in this case when they say:


  • Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • DTS Premium Audio 5.1
  • Down Firing + Full Range Speaker Type

They really mean it can send DTS but no actually decode it?

I am really clueless, so please be nice :smiley:

That’s my guess… The only mention of DTS in your manual is with reference to the built in media player… It only decodes DTS to 2.0 channel. The log shown is “DTS 2.0 Digital Out” which has an entirely different meaning than the general DTS decode logo.

DTS 2.0 + digital out -  is used with internal media player. 

2.0 Means that will take 2 channels of audio (left and right)

digital out  -  it means that will pass through DTS signal through the TOSLINK to your AV receiver (if you have one).

Your TV is not AV receiver, and I can guess, only audio that can pass through to your Samsung TV is PCM.

You can easily discover that by setting HDMI pass through to auto. You will have additional window that will show you what type of audio signals will pass through.

Also you could get DTS to RCA converter for around 50$.

So what about the UE46F5000? You reckon it will decode it over the HDMI?

I don´t think so.

Do you have DVD Home Theatre? If you have, it should have auxiliary TOSLINK and you could connect your Play to it.