Digital pass thru via HDMI not sending DTS and DD 5.1

I have been using the WD TV Live Hub for 3 weeks and watched a movie with DTS soundtrack yesterday.

This morning I tried to watch the content but none of the videos with DTS or DD 5.1 soundtrack is coming thru the receiver.

The WD tv live hub us connected thru HDMI to Sony HT-CT500 and HDMI to Samsung TV.

Yesterday I watched a movie with DTS and sony receiver showed DTS light up. Same movie today the receiver is not showing any sign of audio. If I watch any other video with stereo sound is coming up correctly thru the receiver.

In WD tv live hub audio/video settings if i change the audio settings to Stereo then everything comes out fine. I an’t figure out if the issue is with the WD tv live hub or the receiver?

I have tried different HDMI cables but no help. The first unit I bought had this issue right out of the box i.e. no sound thru HDMI. I replaced that unit immediately with the current unit and it was working fine for the past 3 weeks.

Anyone else encountered similar issue?


This is strange. I spent like 30 minutes and it didn’t work.

After submitting this post , I thought I would try again and it is now working and the DTS logo is coming up and sound is also coming up thru the receiver.

You will now have to change your username :wink:

I admit that after having a similar problem (and getting very frustrated) it turned out that my AVR’s input had somehow been switched from Optical to Coaxial.  doh!  I blamed the cat of course.