DS6100 " Startup Failed: 0xd5 "

My DS6100 will not boot.
Restarted the unit and now doesn’t boot up at all.
When the power button is pressed it stops a few seconds in power button turns red and the LCD displays the following message: " Startup Failed: 0xd5 "

Haven’t been able to find any relevant posts or FAQs on this error message so not really sure what and how to address the problem.

My hunch is that this is a boot disk failure. Is that right and if so is there a way of saving the data on the 4 RAID disks?

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be really helpful.


search for raid recovery software. You basically get 4 usb docks and plug all the drives into a PC
Most of the recovery software allows you to see your data for free and pay to drag and drop

the 6100 should have 2 boot drives. I would get my data safe first then you might plug in each of the boot drives one at a time in one of the usb docks and take a peek at them. One might be good or can be fixed with chkdsk.

Thanks Gramps, really appreciate the steer on this.

Good luck, your data is prob safe
keep us in the loop :slight_smile:

Thanks Gramps that’s reassuring to hear coming from someone with such an impressive the level of input on these forums. You pop up everywhere!

As an aside, this probably a dumb question but any reason why I couldn’t use a 4 x bay usb dock rather than 4 separate ones?

not sure what 4 bay dock you are looking at, but you need a dumb dock. it should not do any jbod etc, just present 4 drive leters
they also make just cables with power but I have not had reliable results with drives 2tb and larger

some of these docks have a clone function also which is handy if you need it. You do not need 4 that clone, just one might be handy

as well a pc with 4 open sata connections will work

Again thanks for your time.
Will to it…

Q&A says this will work

I have no experience with it

Just a quick update.
Gramps thanks for the help. As you suggested I managed to get to all my data by using a four bay dock, ReclaiMe RAID Recovery (Free) and ReclaiMe File recovery (Not free to save files from the raid but free to see them on there).

WD have got back to me and kindly sending a replacement for one of the boot drives.
Hoping when that’s slotted in the Boot raid will repair itself saving me the hassle of setting up and restoring Windows Server.

Good job, congrats !

OK so the server boots fine with the new drive slotted in and all the Data drives are working well.
The LCD says “Storage Degraded” which I was expecting but when I try to rebuild the boot drive via the WD RAID Storage Utility software, click on the drive and then the operation tab followed by rebuild from the drop down there are no drives showing there to select and rebuild. See screen grab:

This link on rebuilding the drives shows clearly that there should be the degraded drive showing here at stage 5 in the process: https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=20504&lang=en

Anyone have any idea if I’m missing anything?!

Well those directions are not for the boot drive. The boot drive should auto rebuild. That said I think it should show.

I would put it in your usb dock and make sure it can be seen. No raid software needed for a mirrored drive

THanks again. Will try that.


Do you still have DS6100 model ? I want to buy it from you for my search purpose.


There is a DS5100 on ebay for 800$
how much will you give for a DS5100?


I need exactly the model DS6100. Please let me know when you have it.

the only difference between the ds5100 and the ds6100 is the 6100 came with 2 av drives in a raid 1 for the OS. You could add a second drive to the 5100 if you wanted.
my bad, the cpu was different also

Hi Gramps,

Can I buy DS5100, and upgrade it to become DS6100 ? And also replacing the cpu board on it. Will this be possible ?


Just why in the world is your research so specific to a DS6100?
I do not think, I would have to look, if the cpu was insert able. It may have been soldered in.