Drive out of space

My 1TB live drive has a 650gb back up but only shows 28 gb left, also shows other backups at 98TB!!
drive displays 931 gb size with 978gb used how do I get this to read correctly, other WD backup drives - live and mycloud are OK.

Where do you see used storage space? What is the name of the application you are using for your backups? Does the hard drive show the correct capacity within the Dashboard or when using other backup utilities?

-WD Smartware

Windows explorer

WD Smartware Is the backup software – that is the only program I use.



Windows Explorer should not detect a WD My Book Live as a local storage unit. I’d recommend uninstalling WD SmartWare and proceeding to manually delete files within your WD My Book located outside the WD SmartWare SWSTOR backup folder.

hmmm, are you taking about the “My Book” or “My Book Live”?

Since you mentioned “Other WD backup drives - live and mycloud are OK.”

The only files not in swstor are the WD files-why does smart ware show others as 98TB? And sorry this is on the my book directly attached.

Wayne Munce

Wrong forum, this is for MBL = NAS = not directly attached.

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