Peculiar Readings on SW Backup GUI

I recently updated to Smartware 2.4.16 and updated the firmware at the same time but cannot find the firmware version on the GUI.
My MY Book is a 1TB drive and when I look at my backup all seems well but I noticed a peculiar result. The backup is 958MB Other backups are shown as 2.2TB with 282.7GB shown as free space. My question is how does all this fit on a 1 TB drive. I have a jpeg of the GUI showing this and have posted it here.
I tried to send this to support but got Error:26517285.
John Black

It seems to be an interface error. Re-installing the app from scratch should address it.

On this case, I’d recommend installing the latest version of WD SmartWare from WD’s site rather than upgrading from the version bundled with your unit.

Thanks Trancer ERmorel has escalated this support I will wait and see what they say. I did download the update from the WD site and updated the firmware at the same time. I will continue to post here, for the edification of all, as support fixes this


This is a view of what is on the drive which is designated N; on my pc

This is the same showing the file sizes

I have uninstalled SW and downloaded a fresh version and set up my backup again due to a request from Support.
Unfortunately this has not fixed the anomaly as demonstrated above. I will continue to pursue this with support.

There seems to be a missing post here.