Drive Health showed Critical in WD SSD Dashboard (SN750)


Drive health of my SN750 showed “critical” in WD SSD Dashboard, but the SMART test is successful. I also run CrystalDiskInfo and the health status showed “good 100%”.

Not sure if it is a software problem regarding the WD SSD Dashboard of hardware problem of my SN750.

Is there anyone facing the same situation?

I use the SSD as a system drive of hackintosh and it runs without issues, if this matters.

I have this problem as well, it shows “A failure may be imminent and cause unpredictable fail.” on bios start, the only way it succeed to boot into windows is to go into bios and select the wd boot drive manually. WD dashboard shows critical while no error whatsoever appears after SMART check.

this is weird. though my sn750 is still working, i will keep an eye on it.