Drive has totally stopped responding

I noticed yesterday that the drive (2TB) was showing a solid yellow light persistently. Had a look today at the manual and it says that a yellow light means that the drive is booting up.

Came back to it this morning and the yellow light was still on solid so I thought it had hung on boot up pressing the reset button had no effect. Took the power out for a few minutes to totally reset the system and now it comes on with the blue standby LED which then changes to the yellow for a few seconds and then back to blue and this keeps repeating.

Any idea how I can get it to boot up properly? The yellow light started on it’s own as far as I’m aware, I had not been updating although it’s possible that an autoupdate may have occurred.

Any help gratefully received.


Don’t think you’ll like the answer to this.  Looks looks you’ll need to arrange an R.M.A. and get it swapped for another.  :cry:

Unless anyone else have any suggestions?  I do have details of how to unbrick a drive with corrupted firmware but I’ve not had to follow those instructions, needs a computer that has Linux installed or a Linux Live CD and requires opening up the MyBook Live and connecting it to the computer to debrick it.  The DIY debricking procedure is somewhat technical and if your drive is under warranty, opening the case will sure invalidate that warranty.