Solid Yellow light keeps forever

Guys, help me out on this.

I purchased empty MyBook Live Dou ant bought 2x 2TB HDD for this.

When I turn on empty MyBook at first there is Blue light and after that Solid yellow light that keeps forever.

When I put both HDD inside, same thing happens.

Also when I try tu Reset it, nothing happens.

Is my NAS defective ? What light should be when there is no HDD inside and when the HDD is empty ? I believe solid Red, not yellow.

Thanks for input.

Hello there,

I have not experienced this, lets see if another user can help you out and share some tips and information on this matter.

The HDD need to be partitioned, install with WD firmware before it can be functioned.

Follow the debrick guide will help you get it up and running.

I wonder if there is no HDD at all, what light should be ?

I’m having the same problem, and WD Support has been no help. All the fixes they suggested–including power down, connect directly to computer via ethernet, reset–I did over and over with no results.

The only clue one person gave me on a post here is that the Yellow Light issue may mean that the drive can’t boot up."

If this is the case, then the question is–is the problem in the Boot Partition, and, if so, can it be fixed? Or is there some other way to boot the drive?

aaron  I also think the same. There is HDD or if there is other probleam, eather way it can’t boot up.

So I hope when I install new HDD and follow the debrick guide I be able to get this thing running.