Drive from My Book to My Cloud EX2?

Hello guys, I currently have a 2TB WD My Book drive and I’d love to transfer it to My Cloud EX2 to create a home NAS. Do you think its possible without losing all the data there? Is there a special procedure necessary to set up the drive or is it just plug and play? Thank you for your answers!

First your query was not clear,

Mybook is usb 3.0 enabled drive. Not network drive. So you have to hook it up with ex2 usb 3.0 port.

Secondly does your ex2 is populated with pre configured drive’s if so what is storage spec for mybook and Ex2.

Say if you have 4tb mybook and you have 2tb x2 ex2 in raid1. Its not a viable solution. You might need to configure JBOD or RAID 0(Not recomemded)

Then selective sync is required as each drive will be mounted as seperate volume like Volume_1 & Volume_2.

So do share complete details on both devices storage and how you want to transfer. Like sync or backup etc.

Let me clarify, I want to physically remove the drive from the My Book case and insert it into the My Cloud EX2. Would that work?

No Way without loosing data.

You have to format the drive before setting up JBOD . Any type of RAID/Non Raid . Disk needs to be formatted.

Get a Pre-configured storage bay of ex2 say 4tb or double the current mybook . So you can move the data and keep consuming the data on Mycloud.