My cloud Nas drive into EX2 ULTRA Enclosure


Over the weekend my Mycloud drive repeatedly had problems connecting to my network, it would stop and start eventually completely stopped connecting. It is a little over 3 years old, so out of warranty. I decided to take it out of the mycloud enclosure to see if I can get the data off and as I type this data is being transferred from the drive to my computer using an external connection. I installed disk internals linux reader to read and move the files over.

My question is assuming everything moves over, and it appears the drive is good and it was just the controller card that went bad in the mycloud enclosure, I am looking for suggestions out how to re-purpose the drive.

Can I get an empty My Cloud EX2 NAS elclosure and put the drive in it without doing anything major to it? Would that drive needed to be repartitioned or reformatted to work inside the EX2 Ultra Enclosure?

I did take a spin through the manual and for the EX2 and saw the small section about formatting the drive and the section on the physical steps to put in the drive, is that truly all it would take to get it working?

Any information you can provide would be great.

The formatting from the My Cloud single drive unit isn’t compatible with the EX2, when you place the drive in the EX2 enclosure, it will need to be reformatted through the storage option on the EX2, If it is only one drive, you would use the JBOD option. If you add another drive later, it can be a second JBOD volume. If you want to change to a RAID 0 or RAID 1, this will wipe out all data and reformat the drives in favor of the new RAID setup.

Hi Timothy,

Many used to have this query. does the Ex2 to Ex4 or ex to Pro series still needs re-setup.

Where does the actual settings stored in the bay or in the HDD ,

If one decides to upgrade from Ex2 to pro or 2 bay to 4bay still it is not a easy migration without loosing data or moving to another drive .

Maybe there was some confusion as to the original My Cloud. I assumed that you had a single bay unit. If you have an EX2, you can move the drives to another EX2 or EX4 without data loss. There is a feature called RAID ROAMING that allows you to move the drives from one multi bay unit to another without data loss.

As it turned out, it appears it was the actual drive in the my cloud that was going bad. I picked up an EX2 Ultra enclosure yesterday and slapped the original drive in it after I was able to get all of the data off using a linux program.

The drive itself never passed a self test in the EX2 Ultra enclosure, it just read as BAD when I tried to configure using the JBOD option. Unfortunately, my drive warranty expired Aug 6th 2017.