Drive encryption

I do I find out if data on my drives is encrypted?
Is it possible to turn off encryption and if so does this then mean that I can pull my drives and access the data on another system.

Recently found information that stated that if an encryption chip in the mycloudmirror dies you have lost all of your data because you can’t read the data from any other source?

Made me nervous about my data, I use raid 1 thinking I am safe but if the unit dies and drives are encrypted I’ve lost everything.


You could refer to the following link:

Thanks Jonty , gives me some hope but still feel very nervous of just how safe my data is in the event of a system failure. Obviously got to be very careful of the steps you take.

If I select change raid type I get a warning message about changing types so have not dared to go further to find out if I ticked the encryption box when originally setting up my cloud.

The article doesn’t mention if this works when drives are previously encrypted.