Wanted to clarify, My Book Duo has hardware encryption, My Cloud Mirror doesn’t?

This is a cross post from last week in the “External Drives for PC” because I just noticed this particular sub forum for this product, so I figured it’s best to ask here. Apologies in advance for this “double” post.

As topic title suggests, I just want to quickly clarify as I’m having trouble getting a direct answer.

It seems the hardware encryption found on the My Book Duo is a concern to some, because if the enclosure/board fails it is not possible to just take out the hard drive and recover the data.

Looking at the My Cloud Mirror, can the drives been taken out to recover data in the event of an enclosure/board failure? I don’t see any mention of encryption on the My Cloud Mirror.

I do not wish to purchase the My Book Duo for this reason as I am not comfortable with putting all my data there only to know it won’t be recoverable, and I do not wish to purchase another as a backup as it defeats the purpose of the RAID1 in the first place.


Hi there,

The drives on a My Cloud Mirror do not have hardware encryption. If something happens and you have to switch drives, you should be able to put them on a different My Cloud Mirror enclosure and should be able to do Raid roaming, lets see if another user can share some information on this matter.

Thanks for your input. Yes lets see if someone else also has any additional feedback! Thanks.