Don't see an Apps option in dashboard

Hello lovely WD Community,

Trying to stream to TV from my new My Cloud NAS, suggested to that I try to use Plex. Following the KB arcticle below I’m failing at the first step. I don’t have an Apps option on my dashboard. Just Home, Users, Shares, Cloud Access, Safepoints and Settings (screenshot).

Running Firmware v4.04.03-113. Have I missed something in setup, bought the wrong device or failed to sacrifice a chicken at midnight?

Thanks for any help

This is from the Knowledge Base. Answer ID 12949 | This answer explains how to use the ‘Plex’ App with a My Cloud Mirror, EX Series, and DL Series. Read more .

Dear Cat0w,

Thanks for the reply but that is the same article that I posted. If you look at the first diagram in it you’ll see it highlights the Apps Icon in the first step. Which is missing from my dashboard as shown in the screenshot.


If you have the single bay My Cloud then it does not have apps. Have you read through the User Manual for your My Cloud?

Visit the Learning Center.

If you looked at the bottom of the article you would see,

Applied Products:

• My Cloud EX2
• My Cloud EX2100
• My Cloud EX4

• My Cloud EX2 Ultra
• My Cloud EX4100
• My Cloud PR2100

• My Cloud Mirror
• My Cloud DL2100
• My Cloud PR4100

• My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2)
• My Cloud DL4100

It is NOT missing. The v4.x firmware which you indicated you have does not have an App tab like the newer v2.x firmware single bay My Clouds have. Bottom line is, which Cat0w indicated above the single bay My Clouds DO NOT support adding the many third party apps that are supported by more expensive (multi bay) My Cloud units.

Now unofficially there are ways, using SSH, to add several features or modules that may provide some of the functionality that is found in the more expensive 3rd party apps. Note that by using SSH one may void their device warrantee. Either do a subforum search for [App] and or see the following thread:

Plex is NOT supported on the single bay My Cloud units. See the following Plex document listing supported NAS devices and their limitations: On those units where there is a Plex plug-in/app module, transcoding (a major feature of Plex) is not supported due to the low powered hardware used on the My Cloud NAS devices. Without transcoding your media will have to be in a format supported by the client or DLNA device doing the streaming.

The embedded Twonky Media Server DOES stream to DLNA clients. If you haven’t done so you should really read the My Cloud User Manual ( to fully understand the capabilities of the My Cloud device. One should review the following unofficial Twonky FAQ that will help one gain the most out of the Twonky media server.

One would probably be better served using Kodi ( than Plex depending on their streaming devices and or network setup.

And finally one can unofficially install Plex to a single bay My Cloud but it is an involved process that involves replacing the My Cloud OS with Clean Debian.

You are to be forgiven for being confused, given the fact that WD don’t clearly distinguish between Gen 1 (v3 or v4 firmware) and Gen 2 (v2 firmware, just confuse matters) in their online documentation portal. The user manual download page has two entries for each device, neither of which is clearly identified as Gen 1 or Gen 2.

The page you posted clearly says ‘MyCloud’, and it’s only right at the bottom that it actually identifies which members of the entire MyCloud family the note applies to.

Unfortunately, the Gen 1, v4 MyCloud doesn’t officially support apps, but there are a number of apps that have been ported to it: search the forum for threads which include [APP] or ‘repository’ in the title.

Thanks guys - plenty of reading and learning for me to do obviously.