Doesn't play subtitles

Hello everybody,

My sis owns a WD Live TV and it used to work fine. Now since a few months the subtitles wont show anymore, we thought her remote was broken but after running a few tests yday it seems it simply wont play subtitles anymore.

We tested it by streaming a video with subtitles to the WD device and the subs didnt show. Later I did the same on my chromecast and there the subtitles did show up.

Anyone can help me out here?

Welcome to the Community.

How are the files being played? Is it through direct network shares, or is it through the media server option?

tbh, im not sure… When I start the device I select Videos and navigate too the movie (which is located on my NAS) 

The homescreen looks like this:

Still haven’t found a solution while this forum was under maintance. Help is still very welcome =)

As Trancer implied it depends on how you are viewing the video. If its a network share it should work, if its through a media server then it depends on the media server, some don’t support subtitles over a network.


Well, the video and subtitle files are located on my NAS. Its a Synology DS213j. On the television in the living room the subtitles work when I start a video from my NAS

So I guess that is through media server?

only you can find that out. It depends what source you chose when accessing video. My Media Library, Local Content, Media Server, Network Share.

Ah, I guess I understand it now. I will look up on the exact steps I take to start a video when I get home later