Unable to play subtitles in WD TV Live

I have downloaded a move (format .mp4) which has .srt sub title file. i have this movie copied to WD My book live. I am able to play movie through media share from WD TV Live but subtitles are not displaying. When i am playing the same movie from laptop, i am able to see subtitles.

Please help me in fixing this.


AFAIK, the WDTV doesn’t support external subtitles via DLNA. Use network shares instead.


I’m to buying a WD TV Live. You are saying that this box cannot enable/disable external subtitles?

What a same. Can you explain me how it works with network shares?

My philips tv has the same problem a part from bad sound so I want a streaming box and tought

this a good one BUT I need external subtitles. I have all films on usb disk …

Thans a lot for infos so I will be able to decide to buy or not …

You simply add a share on your NAS (probably already on by default) and connect from WDTV via shares rather than DLNA. Then you will see subtitles, both external and embedded.