Subtitles not working with mp4 & very slow for pictures. WD Live TV

Hello there,

I have a little issue with my WD TV Live 1. It does not read and subtitles with mp4.

What can I do? I have the latest firmware.

Other question, the pictures are terribly slow to appear as miniatures, therefore I use my computer to show pictures to my friends. Is there anything I can do?

Oh, and all my files are on a WD my book world edition II and connected thought Gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks in advance.

What subtitles? Internal/external, bitmap/text, via network share/media server?


So usually I get my subtitles in text format (.srt). they are external to the movie file.

But they do no work only with the .mp4 I have with .avi they work just fine.

All my movies are on my WD my book world edition, so it is a media server NAS with DLNA.

So no one knows what I could do?

Or everyone has the same problem?