Does the WD Passport (old Mini B connection) have a special cable?

Hi there,

I lost the cable for a rather old WD3200ME Passport.

The cable has a USB 2.0 to Mini B connection (same cable as the PS4 controller cables).

It seems as if I can’t access the data without the oriignal cable. Is this possible? There a million replacement cables, but none of them work.

The drive spins a little when you use a “normal” cable, the LED is lit. But neither Windows nor MacOS recognize the drive. The WD Tool “sees” a WD drive on USB, but it’s capacity is shown as 0.

Is there a special cable and how can I get a replacement?

Thanks for help. Getting a little desperate here.

PS4 Controllers use Micro USBPS3 Controllers use Mini USB

You most likely need a USB Cable + Data (also known as USB Sync Cable)

these cables have pins for 5V, GND, D+ and D-

A simple USB Charge cable has no data pins eg. just 5V and GND

which might explain why you’re getting power …but can’t access the data.

There is a Last Resort option …

Because you’re WD Passport is OLD … it uses a standard SATA Connector with a USB daughter board connector which you can unplug.

Newer WD Passports don’t use a standard SATA Connector … the USB is integrated into the board.

Now because your WD Passort uses a standard SATA Connector you can disassemble the case, remove the Internal Hard Drive and either connect directly to a Desktop PC or insert into ANY 3rd Party 2.5" USB Enclosure or Dock … the advantage as well is these will be USB3.0 so, if there is any data on the drive, you’ll be able to transfer it quickly.

Oh, and if you do buy a 2.5" Enclosure … it will come with the correct USB Cable

I’ve bought a few Simplecom SE101-BL USB 3.0 HDD/SSD Enclosures for myself which cost $12 AUD … which is less than $10 USD

Hi Joey,

I was soo happy seeing your post. Many thanks. There is just one problem. I removed the cover from the hard drive and it seems that I have a slighty newer version. The USB port seems to be on the board.

I have another WD Driver with Micro USB. Maybe if I buy an adapter to Mini USB?

Or are all USB sync cables the same apin configuration and I can another one?

Thanks a lot for your help.