I just bought a Samsung TV and wanted to connect my tv to my book live. But for some reason I can’t find it. I ask samsung support. They say the drive have to be DLNA. Does mybook live support DLNA??

It does, and even has Twonky Media Server as an integrated DLNA Media Server, but you have to manually configure it to allow streaming permissions to your TV.

Open an internetbrowser and type theipaddressofyourmybooklive:9000 or thenameofyourmybooklive:9000 so you can open the Twonky configuration page.

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I just did, and was able to see my public share. What about private share?? does Twonky support private share??

No, because Twonky needs to “allow” your TV to receive the DLNA broadcast. Any other way would imply using another DLNA server other than Twonky (ON this case running from your computer), or if your TV allows for clean network share access, if that’s the case then you don’t even need DLNA.

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What about private share. I was able to see all my public share folder from my TV, but not private. Is there a way to allow the TV to see the private share folder?? I play around with it. but no luck

Using network shares (Public and private) is clean network access that does not need DLNA, if you could see the public shares then you should see the private ones as well o.o That’s odd.

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i only able to see it when i enable twonky. I am using twonky to see the public share folder, but i can’t access the private share.

SO you are still using Twonky even to see the public share? Go to the configuration page of the MBL> Go to the shares section> go to any private share> on the left tab you should see something that says media serving> expand it and select all media serving.

Do you now see that share?

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Ok, I see it now. I see all my folders and files from private and public share without any password.

But I still have a question. I went to My Book Live webpage. and go to setting - media - expanded the twonky service

I see 4 Generic Media Receiver, 4 Windows 7, and 1 WD Live media. They all have different IP address.

It is possible for someone to connect to my network and see all my private share too??

Even tho I have my WD Live media not plug in. It shows says currently in used??

That’s why you have the option to deny broadcast on the Twonky option. Just select the IP address you want to receive the broadcast an you’re good.

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