DLNA with My Cloud

This is more of a router question than a MyCloud, but I’m stumped.  I have a network consisting of a Netgear ac1750 router with a MyCloud hooked up to it, and we use 2 computers and 2 cell phones to access it, plus stream videos to A samsung smart tv and samsung bluray player.  All of this works flawlessly.  I went and picked up a Tmobile Cellspot ac1900 router since they are literally giving them away to Tmobile customers, and hooked this up in place of my Netgear.  I set up the router and am able to see other devices over the network from my computer, and also my TV and bluray player can see the MyCloud.  However, when I try to go browse videos over DLNA to watch on the TV or bluray it tells me there are no videos available and kicks me out.  I did not change anything about my MyCloud configuration or Twonky settings, just dropped in the new router, and as I said they can at least see the MyCloud, just can’t display anything on it.  If I unplug that router and plug the Netgear back in all is perfect.  Is there something I’m missing in all of this?  I wouldn’t think a router would affect one way or another what can be shared over DLNA, as long as the devices are allowed to see each other over the network.  If anything, I would think since this is a slightly newer model it would handle this better.  Any help is much appreciated!

Disconnecting MyCloud from my router, even briefly, causes my MyCloud to re-boot.

MyCloud reboot destroys any changes you may have made via the Twonky UI (webpage), unless you have taken steps described in my FAQ:


If you put the old router back, do you restore DLNA access? If yes, it’s a router problem, if no, check the following:

[d’oh! You’ve already done that… Does the router have a UPnP media server? Mine does. Is it enabled? My router also has some UPnP enable switches, but I think they’re for controlling the router firewall, but yours may be stricter, or have more versatile control settings. Have you read the router manual…?  Are you sure that the network config hasn’t changed? If both routers are using DHCP for IP allocation, it’s likely they will change, and you may have to point your media client at the new IP address]

In the Dashboard:

Check that the Media Serving control on the share containing your media is turned on

Check that the Settings|Media|Media Streaming is turned on.

In the Twonky UI:

Check that the correct share locations and media types are correct.

well i’ve seen some twonky settings change on reboot, but nothing that matters, as when i replug the old router in again it works without changing the reverted settings.  as for as uPnP i’ll have to hook the router back up in a sec and check it.  I know the IP addresses change with the new router hooked up, but i know that the TV and Bluray do find and are able to communicate with the MyCloud over the new router because they do show up.  This would make more sense to me if they didn’t show up at all, but seeing as how they do, I would think the videos would play fine, since i’m using a mycloud as the server and only using the router to facilitate the connection and not actually be a “server” for the dlna (as in plugging a drive in the usb port of the router and serving that way).    Once the devices are visible I can’t figure how this wouldn’t work.  I can say the router is not faulty though as I’ve had this occur exactly the same way on 2 different Cellspot routers.

My “d’oh!” comment was an edit after I spotted you’d already tried reverting…

The router server Q was wondering if it was conflicting in some way: it shouldn’t, because it should be possible to have multiple DLNA servers on a network.

I know you say TV and blu-ray can see the mycloud, but I wonder if that’s some sort of ‘ghost’. I guess the only way to try that is to use a UPnP client that hasn’t been used on your network before; there are loads of apps to choose from (on Android, at least). Bit of a long shot…

Unless it’s some router setting that blocks UPnP/DLNA traffic, I’m stumped, sorry…

Just skimmed the manual. Nothing stands out. It looks like a very nicely-featured router, though… wish I could get one dirt cheap. If we could resolve the media server issue…

try rebooting everything with the new router in place if you are using DHCP for anything