MyCloud streams locally but not outside my LAN?


I have a MyCloud connected to a Netgear WNDR4500 router (all connected to a motorola TWC cable modem). I can stream videos to my devices (iPad) locally without any issues, but when I’m away from home, the MyCloud app says that it is “unable to play that media type.” While outside my LAN (other wifi or 4G), I can access files through the MyCloud app, just not stream media.

I have port forwarding set up with external ports 443 and 80 forwarded to the same ports on the static IP of the MyCloud. 

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?


I am pretty sure the mycloud app will just pass files (other them mp3) to the OS, does your device have a player for this filetype?

can you downlopad the file then play it?

It will play/stream the exact same file without issues when I’m on my own LAN (mp4 files natively supported in iOS). When I’m on a different network, however, the same file will not play.

That is right. The DLNA server only works on the local network. The WDMyCloud Desktop does a poor job at playing media, requiring they be downloaded first. The iOS app does a better job.

I have tried to figure this issue out for monthe to no avail. Still unable to stream media outside of my LAN vis 3g/4g network.