Disk not detected in Windows, but visible in WinDlg and "Disk Management" console


When I connect my “My Password Ultra 1 TB” disk to MS Windows, it is not recognized (i.e. does not show on the “My computer”). Disk is making regular “click” sound.

When I run WinDlg, it is shown on the list, but with “0 MB” capacity. SMART status is “Not available”. Two first tests (“Quick test” and “Extended test”) passed.

In “Disk Management” (Windows console), the disk is visible as “not initiated”.

WD support suggested replacing the disk. Any ideas how can I recover the data from this disk before I send it back to WD?

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You can try using a data recovery software in order to recover your data. If a data recovery software is not successful in recovering your data then I recommend contacting a data recovery company. 

Data Recovery

Hi Hamlet,

I cannot use any data recovery software, as the disk is not recognised by Windows. Any suggestions please?

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