Disc Capacity Dashboard

I installed My Cloud EX2 Ultra earlier this week. I have a 16TB RAID 1 configuration (8TB mirrored). I have been moving my files from my PC to the NAS. So far only my movies. I’m concerned that I only have 599GB left after only transferring 260GB. I think I should have at least 7TB left. What is in the “Other” folder that is taking up 7TB of data. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Sounds more like A) it was reformatted improperly or B) it isn’t set to handle larger size drives. Did you buy the 16TB configuration or did you try upgrading a lower storage configured EX2? (This is pertinent to my own situation since I just ordered two 6TB Seagate NAS drives and wanted to replace the two 2TB drives in my own EX2.)



It turns out I had created an iSCSI drive taking 7TB of drive space. I have since deleted the iSCSI partition. I’m still not clear what iSCSI is used for. Rookie mistake.