Ex2 ultra reporting drive space incorrectly

So, i’m new here. I recently purchased a 12TB EX2 ULTRA, additionally i already own an 8TB version of the same drive. I maxed out the 8 so purchased a 12 to add to my network. After getting the 12 hooked up and online it is only reporting 5.89TB available space, mind you I have added nothing to the drive at this point. I contacted support their response was that it is a RAID 1 drive and that’s why it is reporting the drive space as 5.89. My question is why does the 8TB report close to 8TB of space? I never modified the 8TB drive in anyway.

What am i missing?

Agreed. But wouldn’t my 8TB drive work the same?

Sounds like the 8TB EX2 is configured for Raid 0 or JBOD (i.e. non-redundant storage); while the 12TB EX2 is configured as Raid 1 (Mirrored drives; the default for these units).

It should go without saying, that a 12TB box with mirrored drives will only provide a nominal 6TB of storage (and slightly less because of OS overhead)