Disassemble and replacing disk in G-Drive USB

I want to change the disk in a G-Drive USB. However, this case does not open like other models I have had of external drives. I remove the screws and the front plate and find a very hard plastic, to which the logo light is attached and that underneath, between the disk and the plastic, there are a lot of cables. On the other side, the on/off switch and the connectors, it doesn’t seem that the disc can be taken out. How do I disassemble it?


1st, remove “voids warranty label” and remove screw underneath. 2nd, use fingers to pry loose the 3 rubber feet that are farthest from the label, and remove those screws. 3rd, push out from rear to remove outer case. Next, use fingers to pry off the four black rubber covers on the sides, and unscrew those screws. I’ve only done this much for now on mine.The next step is to follow the latter part of the youtube video

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Thank you very much