G-Drive Mobile/Broken USB connector


I have a G-Drive Mobile USB 3.0 drive with a broken connector; it spins up, but will not mount,
and the connector built into the case feels loose and connects only intermittently.

There’s data on the drive, though I don’t know what, since I can’t mount it.

If I send it back to G-Raid for repair, can the data be copied and returned to me?





We would not be able to transfer the data or repair the drive. The warranty is a 1:1 replacement. If the data is what you need our suggestion is to open the enclosure and take the drive out and swap it to a working enclosure.

Something like: this


I understand. Thanks!



how do i go about getting my g-drive fixed. little nephew jammed the connector into the drive itself. now its all loose in there and doesn’t connect


There is no repair, under warranty we replace the entire unit. As the previous response I gave a link to an enclosure you can swap the drive to in order to continue using it as an external drive.


@Rydia: I’ve got the same problem (the 3.0 USB input on a GDRIVE mobile USB 3.0 broke and fell inside the casing).

I have opened the external case in order to inspect the connection where a SATA cable would go in, but I am unsure on how to dismount the USB circuit board, does it snap off by tearing pressure? Or do I need to unscrew something? I prefer not to fidget too much with it without being sure of what I’m doing, the data inside is valuable.

Could you please guide me into dismounting it the USB board so I can plug a SATA to USB cable and recover my data?

Thanks a lot in advance,



You can just pull it apart from the drive, it is not secured other than slotted together. It pulls right off the back and then the drive can be placed in another enclosure or use a SATA to USB cable.


How do I open the G-Drive mobile? I don’t see any screws. thanks


You would pry it apart with something like a small flat head screwdriver to get the pieces apart. There are no screws it is snapped together.


Hi Rydia, thanks for detailed responses on this issue!
Have same problem as others above with broken connector inside casing. I’ve since opened and separated from motherboard. I just tried to connect the drive directly to a drive slot in a PC but it didn’t show up in the list. Is there a driver needed to connect with PC vs Mac? Thanks in advance!


The drive is formatted for a Mac so Windows cannot read Mac formatted drives. If you need to use it on that computer you can install software on the Windows system that allow the usage of Mac drives such as Paragon’s HFS+ for Windows.