Destination Folder Access Denied


When I try to transfer anything into my wd tv live hard drive I get an error message that pops up

“Destination folder access denied”  then in the box it says “you’ll need to provide administration permission to copy this file”

I get this when I’m logged in as admistrator.  I’ve also been on a different user and had this error message pop up, hit continue and enter the administrator password, and then it says “cannot read from the source file or disk”

How can I fix this…please help

I don’t know whether this will help or not, since I haven’t encountered this with a WDTV, but I have encountered it on my PC and worked around it…

I’ve had something similar happen when trying to directly work with files and folders in some games (especially MSTS).  I try to move something, or whatever, and I get that “need administrator permission…” popup, despite the fact that I _ am _ logged in as administrator.  When I click “OK”, the popup just pops back up… Windows won’t allow administrator access.

What I’ve done to fix it, is to go into the folder properties and going to the “Security” tab.  The permissions usually say that the Admins do have full access, and explictly adding “Full Control” permission for that specific admin user just accomplishes nothing… Windows still pops up the “need permission…” thing.

What has worked for my files, is to click the “Advanced” button in the “Security” tab, and then click the “Owner” tab in the new window that opens.  I click the “Edit” button (because usually the owner is “SYSTEM” for folders it won’t let me alter) and then change the owner to my admin username (checking the “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” box).  Then I can modify things with no more popups.

I can’t tell whether this would help at all, or whether it’s necessarily the source or destination folder that may be giving you an ownership hassle, but it’s certainly worth trying to change the ownership of either the source folder, or the destination folder (or both) and seeing if that makes a difference.

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