Problems transferring files from my macbook to wd tv live (permission issue)


i solved the cable problem from my previous post, thanks !! 

now i have another issue 

i am having permission issue regarding transferring files from/to my devices, b/w my macbook and the drives attached to wdtv live 

I can read the files just fine, but i cant modify any files, means i cant move/delete or anything

here is my setup 

using a SMCD3GN modem gateway, with cat6 cable to wdtv 

comments welcome 



You may want to contact Apple and get information on how to set permissions.

Hi Nutcracker,  

Check permissions for the account the WD TV Player is connecting via. If it connects w/o login/pass, ie ‘Everybody’ or ‘Guests’ who are generally only permitted to read files, it´s advicable to create an account especially for the player thus easily set permissions on each volume/folder you´re sharing. HTH!