Default IP address

In the dashboard, under Network Settings, the default is set to DHCP.  I assume that means having the unit get its IP address from elsewhere on the network, typically a router.  That seems to conflict with the fact that it is supposed to have an IP address of  What am I getting wrong?

When you first use the Passport, it has not yet joined your home network. You first have to connect directly to the passport using its IP address of Once you are directly connected, you can go back into the web interface and select to join your home network. Once you do that, the Passport will use DHCP to get an IP address from your Router or modem.

So are you saying that all those references to in the manual only apply during the initial setup process  — that those are never meant to be used later on?

The reason I’m asking is that no longer works in my browser and I’m trying to understand if this is a problem while I still have time to return the drive.  The manual even says “…any time you want to see…”

After you connected the My Passport Wireless drive, any time you want to see the
dashboard, open a browser and type one of the following:
 Windows computer: http://mypassport (or assigned name)
 Mac computer: http://mypassport (or assigned name) .local
 Windows or Mac computer: (default IP address)

(I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m just trying to understand!) will be the IP address of the device when you are attached to the wireless network that it generates itself. It has a built-in DHCP server, and will give out IP addresses on the 192.168.60.x range (with .1 being the address it gives itself, in the same way that your home network router will by default give itself an address such as or depending on whether the network address range is 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x - most commonly it’s either one or the other).

But if you connect it to your home network, the device will get its IP address from your home network router via the DHCP server on the router (or whatever is acting as the server there), as opposed to having a fixed static address that you assign it manually.

I would expect your PC and the MPW are both connected to your home wireless network rather than the MPW’s own broadcast network. To connect to it that way you need to check on your router what IP address it has assigned the MPW, and then connect to that.

OK, that all makes a lot of sense.  The manual could certainly be clearer on this subject.  

Thanks, both Scandy & Darren. 

What setting or option do I look under to connect the MPW to my home network? I have 2 of these, 1 for my kids movies, and 1 for my wife and my collection. I have already changed the names to be able to tell whose drive is whose, but need it on the home network so we can stream with no issues. Thanks.

This always makes confusing.
Although I got some ideas.
Thanks Rogue.