Mypassport wireless dashboard

I am unable to get my browser to open I keep getting a message saying unable to locate this url…Is there another way to get to the Dashboard

From the online (downloadable) user manual"

Accessing the Dashboard
After you connected the My Passport Wireless drive, any time you want to see the dashboard, open a browser and type one of the following:
Windows computer: http://mypassport (or assigned name)
Mac computer: http://mypassport (or assigned name).local
Windows or Mac computer: (default IP address)

Try all methods listed

Safari can’t open the page - the web site doesn’t exist for hot://mypassport

http://mypassport I meant. Eyes are failing with the teeny tiny print

BTW - NONE of the WD links work. NONE. Zero. Zilch. AND if you try to go to support - that page doesn’t exist … Wow. And before you ask. Yes, I have internet connection working

Try mypassport.local/

If you renamed your MPW to be mypassportXYZ. then be sure to use that name: mypassportXYZ.local/

Can’t explain your support issue, but just give them a phone call!

There is no phone number…there is no support.

Delivered via iPad

I did not rename or reset or change anything … There is no option for backup, that’s it

Delivered via iPad

What’s this?

Did you do this?