Decent mycloud IOS music player - any chance?

Anyone? Is it too much to ask for a IOS music player with even the most basic features. Playlists. Queuing. A gui that wasn’t designed by Satan himself?

Is there a way I can code this myself or is this a closed shop.

It’s extremely fustrating as after all these years I have finally collected all the MP3s on all my old computers into one place.

Are you playing music local to your network, or remotely?

What app are you using at the moment?

Music is local to network using official mycloud IOS app which has a GUI which you would not wish on your worst enemy :slight_smile:

I have just stumbled on Kodi on firestick, which I guess will do for now if Im in the living room or anywhere in bluetooth headphone range of the firestick even.

The WD apps aren’t up to much, apart from remote access use.

For local network use, there are plenty of third party apps to choose from. That’s true for just about all uses of the MyCloud; third party methods are better…

I’ve used Flex and Kinsky, but Linn broke the latter a while back, so it only auto-advances with Linn products.

Just going through some of the Google hits, I see Stratospherix (as in FileBrowser) have an app:

Cheers mate, will take a look!

I can see my question has now morphed into a search that is one as old as time, hunting for a decent IOS music player that is also media server capable :slight_smile:

I actually believe Infuse ticks all the above boxes for video playback but it’s useless for music. Crossing my fingers and trying the stratospherix product…

As already said, the iOS is great for movies, and less so for music other than playing entire albums in order on the device. My favorite media app for the phone and pad for years has been FileBrowser; the $6 version, not the free trial version. It can also cast to a Chromecast device. Most iOS apps cannot play from playlists, which is a DLNA feature Apple barely embraces; they seem to prefer network shares which has its advantages, but playlists cannot be played on device if music files are outside of iTunes app.,

There is ONE good (and free app) called Belkin MediaPlay that can play via DLNA (and from playlists) onto an Apple device (and audio can be forwarded on via BT of Apple device. Get this one, too.

I also have Kodi installed on my Fire TV sticks, and it is very good to put media onto TV , and the media’s audio into stereo.

Many thanks! Will give them all a try today.

Kodi music player is brilliant and I was connecting BT headphones to the firestick and using IOS kodi remote. Which is fine unti you wander out of range or it powers down…

I was playing with the MediaPlay app last night. It was EASY for it to play my m3u playlists (stored on my WD NAS) to both the FireTV stick and the Roku by using my iPad. I also have the Twonky app on the FireTV and the Roku. Search the Fire TV and the Roku app stores for “Twonky” and install it on the devices.

What is Twonky? It enables MediaPlay to beam the audio signal to these two devices and on to a TV. The Belkin MediaPlay is a variant of the app called Twonky Beam (which has been discontinued for a few years) but it’s “clone” MediaPlay still exists. Twonky company still exists and last year they created the DLNA receptor app called Twonky for FireTVs and Rokus.

Now, I have a question for you: I have never used BT with a FIre TV stick, so how do you do this, how do you use it and for what? Fill in the details, please.

Thumbs up for musicstreamer guys!! Thanks for the tip, much appreciated

Err…it’s under settings in the firestick menu and just pair Bluetooth headphones in the normal way. I discovered it by accident in the summer TBH

Thanks, and here is the official word from Amazon on this feature:

They only mention BT headphones, but seems as though BT speakers ought to work with this as well. I will check this out later.

Well, I checked out the BTportable speaker and Fire TV. Works great. The Fire TV justs says I have headphones attached. Why Amazon doesn’t mention speakers as well is a mystery.

I paired two different speakers. The first one’s volume could not be turned down low enough, but the MiniJambox could. So I will go with just that one for a small TV setup I can use for playing music and also go down the hall to another room or two if I want to with the music from Fire TV. Cool…