DDNS setup - No-ip

Hi guys,

As I don’t have a static IP I’m using no-ip DNS to access my computer from outside.

I have tried to setup the no-ip in my cloud ex2 dashboard but it’s not working. I’m using exactly the same parameters than my pc with DUC. Anyway, you have just very few information to fill in: hostname, user name & password x2 times.

Do you have the same problem? If no, could you please tell me wich parameters do you use (similar to DUC or not?).

Thx for your support.

Most folks here don’t have static external IP (i.e. IP of your network as visible to the world). And most folks also don’t have static IPs on their internal network where the EX2 is kept but EX2 works fine on non-static IP networks. So not sure what exactly your problem is, nor is it clear, at least to me, what DUC means. Please post some relevant screenshots to clarify your question. Unclear questions are often ignored by other users.

If you don’t have a static IP and don’t use a DDNS, how can you access to your EX2 from outside ? No glue :o

So I’m using a Dynamic DNS via No-IP:  https://www.noip.com/

DUC is the software provided by No-IP to automatically update your hostname when your IP is changing.

EX2 has integrated this service in “Settings / Network / Dynamic DNS”.

Mouarrff, very funny thing. To make these pictures, I switched my EX2 to english. And you know what ? The No-Ip update is suddenly working. Nice bug !!!


So problem fixed just by switching the language of the EX2 to english :slight_smile:


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