Data Transfer very slow

I am working with large video files and notice recently, that data transfer to my G-Drive is incredible slow. I am using a 5 Tb G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C with USB 3.1 connected to my Mac Book Pro 2018. Transfer of 60 GB takes about 2 hours! Other drives conneced to the same Computer via USB 3.0 take about 10-15 min.
I still have about 300 Gb available space on the drive.
I run disk utility Repair 2x already with no change.
The drive is formatted in MAC OS EXTENDED (JOURNALED) format.
I downloaded the WD Drive Utilities but it does not accept the drive.
Having such a slow drive in my system slows down my whole workflow.

Any suggestion how I can improve the speed will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Dorian Weber

A lot of disks from 2TB to 8TB are using drive managed shingled media which is poor performing compared to conventional recording.

Not much can be done. If performance is an issue moving to SSD products can make a material improvement

Well, I don’t need an SSD drive for faster transfer. (Besides the cost for an SSD 5TB drive).
I just want to know, why data transfer with my G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C with USB 3.1 connection is about 10 slower than with my 4 TB hdd with USB 3.0 connection. I just did some data transfers:
The G DRIVE needs with 3.1 USB for 20.88 GB 2 Hours and at the same time the 4TB with USB 3.0 needs for 200.08 Gb 24 Min.
I can not imagine that this is normal.

driver managed shingled disks are slower but they also varies by the nature of the data written