G Drive mobile USB very slow transfer speed

I have a brand new G Drive mobile USB connected to an up to date iMac. I pointed Time Machine to it as the primary backup device. There are 200 gig of data to back up.
Twenty hours later I have backed up 33G. This should take about 1/2 hour.
Please advise where I should start?
Are there firmware updates I should find and install?
Newbie to this G Drive.

There are no firmware updates for the device. The Time Machine process should go a lot faster than that. Have you restarted your computer since and seen if the backup continued at a faster pace?

You can also try manually dragging a file over to the drive to see if it is under performing.

I have restarted the computer. I also had purchased two of these drives.
Per your suggestion, I just transferred a 1 g file from HD to the G Drive in 37 seconds which seems very reasonable.
So now I imagine, since both drives are doing miserable with Time Machine, that it might have something to do with my issue rather than the drives.
Any clues welcome.


Were these the first time you’re doing Time Machine backups on the drive or are they subsequent backups? It is possible you can try erasing the drive and starting the backup from scratch and see if that solves it.

These were both the first time for backing up to the G Drives. Previously I had been backing up to a now shaky brand X drive. I basically plugged in a G Drive, turned on Time Machine and pointed it to the G Drive and then watched it take it’s sweet time. It never could calculate how much time it would take either. Quit at 20Gig on both of them.