DATA Recovery

RAID mirror has been break due to one HDD is become faulty in Sentinel DX4000. How retrieve my data from the Hard Disk, Storage giving error on boot “startup failed 0xd9” and on recovery “Storage BAD”.

Was it 3 or more drives in a raid 5 or just 2 drives in a raid 1?

Raid 5 you can try a 3rd party tool like

Just 2 Hard Drive.

Can I attached these HDDs with my desktop PC?

Well if it is broken you don’t have much to loose. But that is what I would try, one drive at a time. If you had an XP box somewhere I would prefer that, but Win 7 should also work.

You may want to open a support case with WD first if you have any doubts.

I suppose you are trying to get your data and do not have a backup?

yes, I want my data back. I will try with XP box and will share the result. thanx

Hard Disk is not detecting in win XP box, even is not showing in BIOS. please help.

neither disc will spin up? Had you looked at the box lately? Was it running on just one for a while and then that one died?

Don’t try to boot from them, just slave them or use a usb caddy one drive at a time. But if they will not spin you have problems.

I have attached as a slave in desktop PC but no luck. I,m sure both hard drives are ok, but when when I attached desktop PC no power indication I feel in HDD. Even I have also tested new HDD with same specs in desktop PC but no luck.

sounds like the power supply in your desktop pc is bad
Especially if a known good drive will not power up

Any power supply compatibility issue? I have changed my power supply, but HDD not detected. Desktop PC own drive is working fine.

You are wise to start with a known good drive. the drive does not require special power.
You may want to get some kind of usb drive caddy
This is just an example

i own a WD elements hdd and i have 60 gb data dats very important to me … i want it to be recovered but der s some sound of clinging wen i connect hdd to pc and its not getting detected please help me …:frowning:

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